Pack changes
Enter Mathias Ochwo and Cox Muhigwa
Dropped are Robert Aziku and Musa Muwonge albeit the latter will still travel with the squad.
The line out set piece was a constant headache without Marvin Odongo commanding. In the intervals involving his yellow card in the first half and his substitution in the second the lineout was a house in disarray. Fortunately the Kenyans seemed to fight the same lackadaisical mood. Mathias Ochwo brings his wealth of experience here to ease the burden on the number 8. We prayed in our first pre-game analysis that Charles Uhuru would step up and be the enforcer but the lack of such central aggression in the pack greatly showed( be an Etzebth if I may) . While he carried and offered support runs one may still understand why trench war veteran Ochwo Mateyo has been called in. The unexpected retirement announcement from the national team of John Wandicho has also compounded the coaching staff’s problems with regards to a forminable lock partnership.
The Cox discussion resurrects. More importantly what is to be decided is who will replace Scott 300 Olouch in that No.7 jersey which as per the last game showed is no mean feet when he eventually retires. And how do traditional bruisers Muwonge and Musajja fit in this debate. Is Bryan Asaba gurantteed. The debate is already rewarding because there is enough talent and competition for spots.
Line changes
Enter Kevin Makmot and Gerald Ssewankambo
Dropped are Aaron Ofoirwoth and Eric Mula.
We have been privy to the fact that Eric Mula who didnt get a second of game time in the first game has been left behind because he is understandly sitting his university semester finals. Or so we hope. Enter Gerald ” Kasoto” . kasoto divides public opinion. While some favour the defensive security he creates in that No.12 channel others are against his lack on intuition in attack. The line afortnight ago wasnt really explored. Magomu seemed to favour a territorial game and when at the Scrum down setpiece, there was no sane reason to stop Marvin Odongo from those magical no.8 picks. So our line sat back alot. We hope however Magomu will be more experimental with his line come saturday.
Aaron dropped. Unfortunately for this young man his NT debut was eclipsed by his own lapse in judgement resulting into a yellow card. We do hope he will later be recalled. Kevin Makmot’s return will bring calm to the partnership and more decisiveness in opposition 22 and hopefully ensure discpline at the break down.

Generally the team make up hasnt changed although we believe the inclusion of Cox and Mateyo is for the physicality on Saturday. Many critics and fans will be pleased with the Ivans retaining their starting positions and another chance to explore their running play. We hope the line will come out of its shell and Phillip Wokorach who many have been hasty to condemn will shake off the lacklustre performance of the last game. All in all from here at Akatimba we wish the team the best come Saturday.
You can catch the game on Kwese Sports which is now available on free to air decoders.




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