Prior the onset of the international rugby season this year, many bookmakers quickly wrote off the chances of the Rugby Cranes efforts in this year’s Rugby Afrique cup / Gold cup but the turnover of events in the recent fixtures has breathed hope in the Cranes’ contest for supremacy on the continent.
The lads started off with a painful 18-23 near loss against the neighbors Kenya at home in Kampala, that quickly set off some fans rubbishing their efforts in achieving success this year. 
Complacency in the 2nd half and a few mistakes is clearly what let down by the lads in the black yellow red shirt. But whatever coaches Robert “Soggy” Seguya and partner John Duncan told the lads in the aftermath of that fixture came to pay off.
In the 2nd leg of the the Elgon Cup which doubled as the Gold Cup in Nairobi it was a different unfolding of events. The boys run riot from onset to the disbelief of the Kenyans. The Kenyans chased the game for the biggest part of the game and where mesmerized by Uganda’s display in what was an astonishing game, where barely a foot was set wrong. 33 all was the final score a very unfamiliar scoreline Uganda ever registers in Kenya. Uganda might have lost the Elgon cup 51-56 but left Nairobi with 2 points in the bag in the Gold Cup.
Focus was then channelled to Dakar in Senegal, West Africa. Uganda showed character once again from the onset in a game where they seemed bullied out of the tie by the Senegalese unsportsmanlike acts, but the lads stuck to the plan and executed well. Rugby Cranes recorded a 17-16 crucial away win with tries from Charles Uhuru and James Odongo. Phillip Wokorach delivered the extras off his boot in a game that saw seniorh player Mathias Ochwo make half a centurion of games for the Rugby Cranes a fit the youngsters in the side will look at emulating

The win in Dakar ensued Uganda’s improvement on the road with 6 points in two away games and with the next Gold Cup games at home, this seems Uganda’s to loose.
Credit to coach Robert “Soggy” Seguya and John Duncan whose belief in the boys is to push them places. The blend of the young, agile lads and the senior players is surely be paying off.

Uganda’s GOLD CUP fixtures.

Uganda Vs Tunisia – 15th July
Uganda Vs Namibia – 22nd July.
Uganda Vs Zimbabwe – August 5th.
Note: All Uganda’s remaining fixtures will be be in played at home.


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