As the Rugby cranes made the most of their weekend off from the Gold cup, statements were being made across the continent from Uganda’s fearsome rivals. Our focus however lies on our next opponents, Tunisia, that were annihilated by a pumped up Kenyan outfit.

The North Africans landed in Kampala having succumbed to a woeful defeat to neighbours Kenya ending up on the wrong side of a 100 – 10 scoreline. The Kenyans surely had a field day against Tunisia and at some point, it seemed as easy as a captain’s run session for the Simbas.

Listening to a number of fans and players after the news had spread about the result, the reactions seemed to be that of ” a sure sure win ” . Naturally, after watching such a one sided show and having the Cranes best interests at heart, one would rush to conclude that this Saturdays match up will have a similar if not the same taste to it.

On assessing the possible pointers to the clash this weekend, I have come to conclude that much as this is surely the easiest game of the fast approaching trio of do or die fixtures, it should be accorded the same if not graver caution than those against Zimbabwe and Namibia.

WHY ?….. One might ask. The positioning of this game can make or break our campaign and i begin my case by pointing out that it would be a colossal morale drain to come from Saturday with less than a win (God forbid ) which would leave us in a conundrum similar to that our brothers of the soccer franchise commonly face and we all know how that tends to end.

On the other hand, a win, a big one at that will boost the belief among the boys in camp, that a once dreamt about goal will be in close touching distance. A big result this weekend will have Zimbabwe and Namibia thinking twice on how to approach and disrupt this Ugandan Juggernaut as well, giving us the psychological upper hand.

Back to Tunisia, despite our clear advantage, it is important for the players to remain humble, cautious but lethal because as you read this, the Tunisians are hurting following such a humiliating loss and we all know the adage of the wounded cat in a corner. The rumour mill flying around also suggests that there are some internal misunderstandings in their camp possibly due to failure to fulfil financial promises on top of which the apparent core of the team that plies their trade in France are not with the squad and could be joining them this week, honestly we shouldn’t bat an eye lid to such and it should be treated like the commonly sang about “mboozi zoku malwa..” because even if they were to field Goliath, we know the result we intend to achieve.

Sport also likes to allude to history and statistics which in this case aren’t in our favor as we have lost our previous two match ups against the visitors. Another sign to warn the boys not to let the foot off the gas till the fat lady sings or at least till the referee blows the final whistle.

This isn’t the crying of a pessimistic country man but the caution of a deeply passionate and realistic fan. We embark into waters that require us to win all our remaining fixtures, commencing with the Tunisians. In a year when the Gold cup doubles as a shot at the Rugby World cup in 2019, we can’t afford any more slip ups if we intend to avoid maths and keep fate within our control.

Do the boys have the verve and pizzazz for the dance that lies ahead? Let’s wait and see .

For God and Our Rugby.💪💪🏉🏉



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